Message tracking

Fast and secure information exchange is important. Existing tools cannot always guarantee this because they can be inefficient and insecure. OpenText Secure Mail is fast, easy to use and can be automated. Clients and partners can safely send and receive messages from any device.

Secure exchange of messages

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Insight into your data

With our secure messaging solution, advanced tracking data can be obtained through the Secure Mail Delivery Slip, showing when the message was opened and by whom. You can also see who downloaded the attachment, responded to the message, forwarded the message and who printed or deleted the email.



OpenText Secure Mail is easy to use and can be used by all your employees. Secure Mail can be used via webmail but can also be integrated with Outlook within minutes. You can also use Secure Mail on your mobile device via the specifically designed app.

Secure Mail Veilig


With OpenText Secure Mail, all your emails are encrypted, can be audited and given access authentication. Emails and attachments can also be password encrypted. Forwarding or replying can be prohibited, ensuring the information stays with the correct person. Emails can even be recalled. By using Secure Mail, risks are lowered through data leak prevention features and better control through tracking possibilities.

StreamServe integratie

Integration with StreamServe

OpenText Secure Mail offers your organisation a solution for secure email in the cloud, that can easily be integrated with your email programmes and back-office systems. Secure Mail can also easily be integrated with StreamServe. Conditions are allocated and secure messages can automatically be ignored, thus improving productivity.


  • Fully cloud based

  • Suitable for every web browser and for every device

  • Views and works as a normal email programme

  • Delivery slip with tracking information

  • Can be integrated with other applications

  • Also available via the app

  • Secured emails can be saved in a separate archive

  • Messages can be recalled

  • Full tracking possible

  • User permission can be configured

  • Suitable for large files


Microsoft Outlook Plugin

Secure Mail Web Portal

Mobile App

OpenText Secure Mail makes communication with your clients easier and more secure.