Ecofont references

WPG Uitgevers

“WPG Uitgevers wants to drastically lower her carbon footprint. In our business processes and in the production of books and magazines we prioritize our enviromentally friendly goals, so that we can lower our carbon footprint. By using Ecofont we can now print environmentally friendly. After the effortless installation, our employees can now print enviromentally friendly with the press of a button.”
Carl Lenstra, WPG Uitgevers


“Our ultimate goal is to be seen as the sustainablt turnkey builder of Holland. To reach this we work on our internal sustainability. A good enviroment starts with yourself. By using Ecofont we want to stimulate the consciousness. Before we decided to buy Ecofont we took a survey on our intranet. The vast majority of our employees (almost 76%) awnsered that they would definetly use Ecofont. Now all of our computers are equipped with Ecofont and we try to use Ecofont as much as possible. We are very positive about the use of Ecofont.”
Björn Bouwmeester, Heembouw

Nederlandse Energie Maatschappij

“Ecofont is a perfect example of a new generation of sustainable organisations: the product is enviromentally friendly, smartly set up and it’s a cost reduction.”

Kitchen on a Mission

“Ecofont matches with our identity. We highly value sustainability. We print decent amounts, especially internal, and with Ecofont we can minimize the damage to the enviroment and cut in our printing costs. I see a lot of chances for the further development of the software, so that Ecofont can get better and we can print even more enviromentally friendly.”
Rutger Stolting, Kitchen on a Mission

Türk Telekom

“We transform our business processes in accordance with the principles of sustainability. […] Ecofont, which enables savings up to 50 percent in ink consumption through the holes in its structure, shall be used as default in the computers of Türk Telekom employees.”
Gökhan Bozkurt, Türk Telekom

CIBC Mellon

“We expect to recoup our investment in this technology in just a few short months”
Gerard Mc Caughly, CIBC Mellon