Safety and Sustainability

In addition to the high quality solutions for Customer Experience Management, invoice processing and a digital mailroom, we also offer innovative solutions to improve your organisation’s security and sustainability.

We want our solutions for improved security and sustainability to leave you stress-free, solutions such as saving on the cost of ink and the possibility to send messages securely and track them.

Small holes in letters in order to save ink

As complete digitalisation is too big a step for many organisations, we offer a solution to save money on print costs. Ecofont software is a sustainable and innovative solution that saves printer ink. The software makes small holes in the letters and saves ink that way. As these holes are not visible on print, the quality will not be compromised.

Send emails to clients, employees and partners faster and more securely

Increased globalisation leads to the need to send emails around the globe, fast and securely. This is possible with OpenText’s Secure Mail; emails are encrypted, can be audited and can be given access authentication, ensuring maximum security.

  • Digital signature

We guarantee the quality and safety of our emails

Nokavision advises the use of an electronic signature to ensure authenticity and integrity, for instance with pdf documents. Quality and security is ensured for both sender and receiver.


Our Safety and Sustainability solutions



Ecofont is very easy to implement and saves up to 50% in printing costs. It takes little to no adjustments.

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OpenText Secure Mail

Secure Mail

With Secure Mail it's possible to quickly and safely exchange information. It's fast, simple to use and can be automated.

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