Processing of incoming invoices with N.Scope Invoice Processing (IP)


N.Scope Invoice Processing (IP) is an extremely innovative and flexible 100% web based application for automatic processing of all types of incoming invoices. 

Paper or electronic invoices are offered to a cloud Digital Mailroom without any verification or validation: you no longer waste time on scanning or processing incoming invoices.


More efficient and allowing you to stay in control

Invoice Processing

Faster and simpler

IP is faster and simpler from day 1. After installation, the programme can be fully set up by any employee; technical knowledge is not required.

Audit trail

Audit trail

Throughout the audit trail, each step can be tracked, therefore allowing you to keep sight of the invoice. 

Invoice Processing

Matching incoming invoices

Additionally, you can match incoming invoices with purchase orders and received deliveries which means full control and allows for faster and more efficient working and , saving you money. This also makes your business more sustainable!

A quick look

Each user has a personal inbox.Inbox

You can easily and quickly see where all the bills are.Steve-Factuuroverzicht.
Several companies in one application? No problem. Easily adjust the layout for each company.Kate-ToRang

You can match incoming invoices with purchase orders and received deliveries.Steve-matching

Features of N.Scope Invoice Processing

  • Variety of invoice formats;
  • Full process control and audit trail;
  • Short implementation time;
  • Cloud model or installation in your environment;
  • Dashboard with KPIs;
  • Multi company, multi language and multi currency;
  • Recognise scans on line item level;;
  • Encode, book and match following a wizard system;;
  • Fast access to invoice information;
  • Escalation possibilities;
  • Adapter model for link with ERP system and/or finance system;
  • Based on UBL 2.0 standard.

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