Document Management

In Document Management, systems work to manage, store and track files. Documents are processed with metadata, which makes it easier to locate them. Maximize physical space, resources, time and money by managing your information in a Document Management System (DMS). 

  • Easy information management

Document Management results in fewer mistakes.

You can manage all your incoming files safely and easily. This can be done digitally through our solutions for Document Management. The documents are ensured, both against loss and unauthorized access. The DMS is user friendly and can be used by any employee. 

  • Faster access to information

Every pc on your network has access, and related documents are visible

The smart search function allows for quick access to information in the DMS, from any pc within the network. You are able to find that single contract by means of numerous search terms. Documents related to the contract, such as invoices or receipts, are automatically shown. Furthermore, documents can be linked to related information and people. Users automatically have access to the most recent version of the information. 

  • Risk free information management

There are various measures through which you prevent documents from being saved forever

Our solutions for Document Management allows for documents to have a limit for destroying and saving, which makes it easy for your business to adhere to data storage regulations.

Our Document Management solutions

OpenText Alchemy

OpenText Alchemy

OpenText Alchemy is a Document Management System through which both paper and digital documents can easily be managed.

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Box is a secure Content Management System and File Sharing Platform designed for the digital age.

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