PlanetPress Connect


Multi-channel communication software based on web standards

PlanetPress Connect is highly effective software for the creation and distribution of all your communications based on web standards. Document creation is no longer an elusive specialism and can be widely employed because HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript are used.

Communication Tool

With PlanetPress Connect, all your documents are created on a single platform. It is easy to add interactive elements to documents such as purchase orders, delivery notes and invoices. Large volumes of documents can be quickly produced.

One large advantage of this software is that documents are automatically adapted to different document layouts. This means you only have to create a document once. Your customers can choose themselves whether they want to receive their information by mail, a text message or via other communication tools. By personalizing your communication, you can serve your customers better.


Creating output with HTML, CSS3 and JavaScript

You can easily reuse your web branding and corporate identity, because HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript are used. With the Designer tool, the information is directly created in HTML. The possibilities are endless, for online communication and printed documents.

Interactive Documents

Adding interactive elements, makes it easy for your customers to communicate with you. After receiving a communication message, recipients can immediately fill out a web form, place an order or pay a bill. The automatic preset workflow guides them step by step through their Customer Journey.

Multi channel

Better printing possibilities

With PlanetPress Connect, you can optimize both your digital communication and your paper communication. Since Load Balancing is supported, documents can be divided over different printers or output engines. Because of the print-on-demand option, you can prevent printing expensive preprinted forms. Furthermore, scan codes can be added to documents and it is possible to connect to applications for mass-mailing.


Benefits for every company

The software fits perfectly with legacy systems, current technologies and ERP systems. PlanetPress Connect is the link between your IT systems and your customer communication. Small, medium and larger organizations benefit from this software.



With the Capture tool of PlanetPress Connect you can convert your paper forms into intelligent e-forms by simply adding data capture zones, which are linked to your system. You print the forms, and let them be filled in and signed with the special Capture Pen. By using ICR, the data is extracted from the completed form and forwarded to your systems without the need to scan your paper forms.


  • Map data from various sources
    PlanetPress Connect can capture and read data in almost any format
  • Generate a unified data model for the design phase
    Once created, the unified data model allows for the easy creation of print documents, emails or web pages
  • Use the same unified data model in multiple designs
    Once they’re created, unified data models can be used for the composition of any PlanetPress documents or variations of the same document

Design all your printed documents, web pages and emails in one place. The Designer tool is able to access data stored virtually so you can use it in your email template and/or on your print template.

With the Workflow Tool, each transactional communication process can be automated. You can automate simple tasks, like sending an email alert when a document is received or synchronizing information between two systems overnight. You can also automate complex workflows and fully integrate your systems.


  • Cloud-based
  • Accepts virtually all types of data and also provides a wide range of input options
  • Integration with other applications and systems possible
  • Comprehensive composition and personalization in every detail
  • Recipient decision making
  • Interactive document layout and content creation and management
  • Print from any standard printer languages
  • Drag and Drop Wizards
  • Minimizing errors