Document distribution of personalized customer communications

  • Multi-channel customer communications

Send your customer communications through the desired channel of the receiver

With our communication solution you can not only generate personal documents, but also send them through the desired channel of the receiver. If necessary, the document will be converted first. A specific channel layout (letters, emails, XML, PDF files, text messages) is realised when generating the document.

  • Multi-format customer communications

Distribution of documents in various formats

When distributing the document to the customer, the document can be sent in any format, including e-mail, HTML, XML, SMS and more. Different paper documents can, if necessary, be automatically sorted into one envelope and put together so they can be sent at minimal postage. Automatic document distribution increases the flexibility and speeds up your business processes.

  • Distribution options for efficient communication

Efficient and secure document distribution with StreamServe

During the document distribution you can not only determine the size and the channel itself, but also other cost-saving options. You can for example choose the right printer and printing mode selection (duplex or simplex), send your documents so that they can be processed quickly and effectively when they return and digitize your documents for your archive. Additionally, you can customize your documents with a digital signature so you can ensure that the document is actually sent, comes from you and has not changed.

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OpenText StreamServe


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