Document creation for personalized customer communications

With this communication solution you can easily create personalized documents through rules-based dynamic composition of documents. By offering personalized customer communication, you only communicate suits your customers and what they need. The profile of the addressee is of interest; what do we know about the customer? Document creation has to do with optimal ‘content’ management, integration with CRM and ERP applications, the efficient use of the various media channels and variable layout of documents based on business rules. Through personalized customer communications you improve customer satisfaction and long-term customer loyalty.


  • Branding and media channel

All your documents created in your own style, adapted to the media channel

With document creation, of course it is important that documents can be created in your own style. There is a uniform, consistent design and possibly central management of templates and style for clear outgoing correspondence. But the media channel with which de document will be sent, also determines the layout of the document. A text message has a different layout than a letter or email. Our communication solution adapts the layout automatically to the media channel and ensures that the document is has the right style. 

  • Multi-branding

Support all your brands with only one template

With our communication solution, documents can be easily adapted to the style of a particular label or brand without changing the content.

  • Multi-lingual

One document, one klik, multiple languages

With our communication solution you can simply create documents in different languages, which is big advantage for international companies. The same documents created in your corporate lay out, but personalized on language level and therefore understandable for all your customers. 

  • Content management

Send only personalised information to your clients

Do you have clients of all ages? Do you focus on both families and singles or students? You can effortlessly adapt the content, images and ads in your documents to their personal interests, needs and wishes. So you can all provide them with a personalized offer.  

  • Personalized customer communications through transactional documents

Reach your customers for real through personalization of your letters, bills and stratements

People spend on average 4 minutes to read transactional documents such as letters, invoices and statements. In 95% percent of the cases, people actually read these documents, what means you can really reach your customer this way! These documents, therefore, would be very useful as a marketing channel. Hence the need to also personalize these documents through the automatic processing of personal information, personal content and personal advertisements.

  • Integration with existing systems

StreamServe can effortlessly be integrated with your ERP system, your digital archives and other solutions.

Personalization is only possible if all the personal information you have on your customer can be retrieved from your various systems. Our customer communications solutions acts like the communication layer between your internal systems and your customers, suppliers and employees. OpenText StreamServe can easily be integrated with ERP systems such as SAP, CRM systems, your digital archive or DMS and other solutions.

  • Business independent of IT

Increase efficiency by rapidly generate and customize your documents

Our communication solution makes document creation easy. When generating documents business users themselves manage the templates and content. This gives the business the ability to quickly generate quotations, indications or confirmations of transactions and to hand them over immediately to the customer. The software is very user friendly and flexible. You are no longer dependent on IT, which is allowing you to work faster and more efficiently so that you can respond to changes in the market.

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