Customer Experience Management

Customer communication is a key element of the customer experience, and it can have an impact on customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Creating files play a prominent role in a vendor’s business management of commodities, and in their impact within a competitive market.

It is important to be able to be flexible and able to adapt quickly to changing markets increases, whilst decreasing management costs. The business user requires more influence on products and services that were previously classed as IT. Our communication solution for Output Management or Customer Experience Management allows your organisation to easily create, manage and distribute personalised documents in your own branding, both in paper and electronic format.

You will never need to create documents by hand or adapt them to each client, allowing you to work faster and more efficiently, therefore reducing costs and minimising errors. Our solution for Customer Experience Management supports all document-related company processes and can be easily integrated with ERP systems and logistic systems such as SAP.


Document creatie voor Customer Experience Management

Document Creation

Our communication solutions enable you to easily create personalised files through dynamic, rule-based document creation. You only communicate what is applicable to your clients, and their requirements. You communicate only what suits your customers and what they are looking for. Our communication solution is particularly suitable for communication from several organisations or communication in more than one language. Create attractive looking documents in a fraction of a second, utilising methods which can be used time and time again and which allow you to easily create personalised content. Integration with systems such as your ERP system or digital archive is simple.

Document productie voor Customer Experience Management

Document Production

In the paper process, StreamServe ensures that documents are printed and processed so they can be sent in an envelope. Documents that are to be processed digitally, will be sent digitally, and if necessary, archived digitally.

Document distributie voor Customer Experience Management

Document Distribution

Optimal customer communication can be realised through streamlined synchronisation of various channels. A specific channel layout is realised when generating the document. Your documents can be sent in various formats and further cost saving options can be selected during the distribution process.

Our Customer Experience Solutions

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