Powerful business applications

The Mendix App Platform is the number one platform to build, integrate and deploy powerful business applications faster and with better results. Mendix enables IT and the business to cooperate successfully.

Application Development

Mendix Model Driven Development

Model-Driven Development

Mendix is not programmed, but modelled. Modelling is faster and more flexible, allowing IT to react to the business and build an app when you need it.

Mendix 1-Click Deployment

1-Click Deployment

Implementing Mendix is fast and smooth. Mendix can be run in the Mendix cloud, your private cloud, or on site.

Mendix Social Collaboration

Social Collaboration

Mendix connects IT and the business through many useful app features, and allows stakeholders to communicate easily. In addition, Mendix offers an extensive Project Management tool.

Mendix Multi channel

Multi-Channel & Multi-Device

Mendix offers a fantastic user experience via multiple devices and channels. Utilise Mendix to build a new enterprise application for desktop users, to link a mobile user interface to an existing system or to build a specific tablet application.

Mendix Centralized App Governance

Centralized App Governance

The Mendix App Platform offers developers and business units the power to quickly build what they need, without having to give up IT governance and control. IT teams manage the documentation, maintenance and security centrally. 

Mendix Integratie

Integration with existing systems

Mendix applications are often integrated with existing systems such as SAP, Oracle, Salesforce.com, FICO and many others. The Mendix App Platform offers multiple efficient integration possibilities.

Mendix App Platform

The Mendix App Platform unites data, end users, business analysts, developers and partners in a uniform cloud environment. The Mendix App Platform offers teams the opportunity to build, share and use applications, without depending on traditional IT resources. Central application management, security and IT governance offer the IT department full control and a better overview.

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