Mendix Announces Global Reseller Agreement with SAP, Providing Enterprises Low-Code Development for Building Enterprise Apps at Speed and Scale

SAP to Resell Mendix Platform as SAP® Cloud Platform Rapid Application Development by Mendix

BOSTON – September 26, 2017 – Mendix, which offers an easy-to-use platform to rapidly create and continuously improve enterprise applications, today announced a global reseller agreement with SAP (NYSE: SAP). Through this agreement, SAP will resell and support the Mendix platform under the name SAP® Cloud Platform Rapid Application Development by Mendix. The solution aims to allow customers to build custom applications on SAP Cloud Platform much faster than traditional development approaches.

As enterprises invest in digitizing their operations, business demand for new and innovative applications is growing significantly faster than the capacity of IT organizations to deliver them. Gartner predicts that by 2020, at least 50% of all new business applications will be created with high-productivity toolsets.1 The solution is designed to help IT organizations to close this gap.

“Businesses across all industries must constantly find new ways to innovate, and today’s market leaders are putting low-code development platforms at the core of their digital strategy,” said Derek Roos, CEO at Mendix. “We already have dozens of mutual customers achieving significant value leveraging the strengths of SAP and Mendix independently. Customers can now accelerate their digital transformation initiatives by building apps on SAP Cloud Platform at considerable speed and scale, and leverage SAP’s strong ecosystem.”

Through this agreement, SAP aims to enhance its portfolio of cloud platform services with Mendix’s industry-leading low-code development capabilities. SAP Cloud Platform Rapid Application Development will help customers shorten time to value for applications that increase operational efficiency and customer engagement. Running on SAP Cloud Platform, the solution offers tight integration with SAP systems, data and services, helping enterprises unlock even greater business value from their investments in SAP software.

“We are excited about the agreement between SAP and Mendix, as their products are strategic to our business,” said Willem Jan Zwart, Chief Digital Counsel of Enexis. “We have built more than 50 apps on the Mendix platform, leveraging the strengths of SAP software in the back end. As we have started to use SAP Cloud Platform and are making the move towards SAP S/4HANA, we anticipate that this collaboration will enable us to realize even greater business value.”

SAP Cloud Platform Rapid Application Development extends the power of systems running SAP software by helping IT organizations rapidly build apps for:

  • Innovation – Launch new digital products and services by leveraging the SAP Leonardo digital innovation system for the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning and Big Data.
  • Customer Engagement – Build web and mobile apps to deliver superior user experiences for customers and partners.
  • Operational Efficiency – Build apps to increase process efficiency and employee productivity.
  • SAP S/4HANA® Migration – Accelerate migration to SAP S/4HANA by bringing customizations and localizations to SAP Cloud Platform.

“We identified low-code development as a key enabler of digital transformation, and found Mendix to be an ideal fit for customers aiming to speed application delivery,” said Björn Goerke, CTO at SAP and president of SAP Cloud Platform. “We decided to offer the Mendix platform in the SAP Cloud Platform portfolio because we share the same technology vision and leverage open standards like Cloud Foundry and Docker.”


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