Paperless Office

The concept of the ‘paperless office’ has been around since the 70’s, but now – 40 years later – many workingmethods are still very paper intensive. Digitizing your document- & communicationstreams and digitally archiving your documents makes your business processes much more effecient. We can help you swith from paper to digital in every possible way!

Digital Mailroom

A digital mailroom replaces the manual process of mail distrubution and storage within organisations. All incoming documentstreams are combined, registrated and processed at one central point with the organisation. Our capture solution extracts all the relevant data from the different types of documents by using OCR. The distribution, sharing, storage and searching for information and documents becomes much more efficient.

Digital archive (DMS)

Digital archiving results in faster and easier administration of documents. With advanced software, documents are automatically scanned and classified, which saves you time and costs.


With our solutions for E-invoicing you are able to automatically process purchase and sales invoices digitally.

Still need prints? Print enviromentally friendly with Ecofont!

Although we strongly believe that going digital is inevitable, many organisations still need to print for multiple reasons. Do you really need to print? Print enviromentally friendly and save printing costs with Ecofont, the font with small holes.