Most companies manage three different vendors to deliver their personalized communications as email, SMS and fax. This creates three times the work and at best your delivery is both fragmented and disruptive, causing these additional challenges:

  • Lack of end-to-end visibility and detailed delivery reports
  • Complex and non-native integration with OpenText CCE
  • Management of separate opt-out lists
  • Multiple service providers contracts to maintain

Have you encountered any of these problems and wondered what to do next?

OpenText is pleased to announce the availability of a combined solution with OpenText Notifications and OpenText CCE to address these challenges and strengthen the document creation and delivery process with end-to-end visibility and control of communications.

The result is a powerful integrated communication platform that makes business correspondence more productive and cost-effective with a single vendor and improved workflow and message control.


With Open Text Notifications, you achieve the following:

  • One guide for a complete list of all notifications.
  • One central and unified solution seamlessly integrated with StreamServe
  • Substantial costs savings on telephone, hardware and software costs.

If you still don’t have full control over your email delivery, OpenText Notifications can be a good addition to your existing StreamServe environment.

We will give a presentation about OpenText Notifications, presenting a customer case, at the OpenText Innovation Tour (30th of March). 

Download our datasheet to read more about the magic combination between OpenText Notifications and CCE 16 (StreamServe).




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