ITS live with cloud-based invoice Processing

ITS Foil from Apeldoorn has gone live today with our N.Scope Document Engine, based on the Mendix cloud platform. ITS uses the module N.Scope Invoice Processing (IP)  for the automated processing of all purchase invoices, entirely cloud based. IP includes an audit trail and offers the possibility to fastly process your purchase invoices free of errors, which saves you time.

At ITS, N.Scope Invoice Processing is combined with N.Scope Mailroom, our intelligent cloud scanning solution. N.Scope Mailroom automatically extracts all important data from both paper and digital documents like due date, invoice number, VAT and the amount. N.Scope Mailroom fully automates and digitalizes your entire mailroom, which makes the processing of documents an accurate, well structured and productive business process.

ITS is specialized in producing consumerspackaging. They produce over 1800 products in different shapes, sizes and materials. THeir assortiment consists of aluminum foil, freshness foil and microwave foil. The combination of cloud based N.Scope Invoice Processing and N.Scope Mailroom increase the speed at which ITS is capable of processing their invoices whilst they maintain 100% control.