What is Capture OnTheGo?

Capture OnTheGo is an application from Objective Lune that facilitates to manage documents ‘on the go’ on your mobile device. Capture OnTheGo is an alternative for printing all your forms and is the solution that supports the digital transformation of all documents and forms.

What is the purpose?

Work tasks, invoices and other transactional documents can be generated on the go with the application. With Capture OnTheGo, HTML-forms and PDF-documents can be opened and filled out. Additionally, images, sounds and written text can be added. The completed form can be send back via the internet (WI-FI) to your enterprise system (ERP, CRM, archive, …). The mobile application aims to increase the operational efficiency and generate more cash flow.

To whom?

Capture OnTheGo is the ideal tool for persons that are often ‘on the go’ and have to use different forms and documents frequently. Capture OnTheGo is an supplementary product for PlanetPress Connect and PRES Connect, not a stand-alone solution.


What are the possibilities?

  • Offline mode
  • Filling out documents and forms with Capture OnTheGo is even possible without an internet connection. In case there is no internet connection, the documents will be stored in a waiting line and automatically sent when the internet connection is recovered.

    Downloaded documents and forms are automatically saved to the user’s library. The documents in the library are always available for use. With Capture OnTheGo documents can be sorted and tracked down according to customer name or document category.

  • Secured sharing
  • Documents can be shared fast and safely. Users and user groups can  be managed easily, which allows users to only access relevant information.

  • Add multimedia content
  • Relevant information (images, sounds and GPS) can be added to the documents. Additionally, papers can be signed which finally allows other processes like invoices to be stored.

  • Less data transfers
  • With Capture OnTheGo only relevant information (for example a signature) can be transferred. This makes data transfer way quicker.

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  • Simple integration
  • Capture OnTheGo can be easily integrated into your current IT-infrastructure.



Try out Capture OnTheGo?

To introduce you to Capture OnTheGo, Objectif Lune offers a free trail to three PlanetPress Connect and PRES Connect customers. Get in touch now!