It’s well known that our Smart Capture solution, N.Scope Mailroom, is applicable to multiple western languages but recently also Arabic and Chinese were added. Capturing Arabic documents brings several difficulties, in Arabic writing starts from right to left instead of from left to right. Numbers on the other hand are written from left to right.

The same functionalities are available in Arabic and Chinese as there are in any other language and the Smart Capture technology works the same. With these two extra languages Ephesoft adds yet another impressive functionality to the already impressive Smart Capture platform.

N.Scope Mailroom is our intelligent capture solution based on Ephesoft which makes the processing of documents more efficient. All important data from both paper and digital documents is automatically captured. Thanks to these functions the processing of your documents can be turned in to an accurate, well-structured and productive process.

Do you want to see how capture works in Arabic and Chinese documents? Watch the following video where an Arabic document is processed.