De nieuwste StreamServe versie 5.6.2 is onlangs uitgekomen en bevat een aantal belangrijke nieuwe features:



Support for Interactive Objects/Forms

  • Support for interactive objects/forms in StoryTeller
    • Objects like edit text controls, checkboxes, dropdowns, radio buttons, list boxes and buttons are available
    • Interactive output in HTML and PDF
    • Rendered statically in all other output
  • Input data transformation possibility in StoryTeller
    • New optional mode for processing input data
    • Template structure and modeling in StoryTeller
    • Template driven transformation (TDT) for linking input and other data sources to template
    • Not only for interactive objects, but also for normalizing any data for easier and more efficient presentation


EasyLink Cloud Delivery Enhancements

  • You can improve batch submission to the EasyLink system by grouping the messages.
  • You can monitor from StreamServe the state of your messages sent to Easylink by a new reporting function. Note that the Easylink account must be configured for reporting.
  • StreamServe jobs state will be synchronized with the Easylink job state by the external job completion function.


Content Server Category Mapping Enhancements

  • Enable mapping of StreamServe Document Type/Metadata to a Content Server Category/attribute without requiring a reference to an Enterprise Library Document Model/property type.
  • New Content Server Mapping tool using the Enterprise Library Service, for browsing Content Server folders, and for mapping StreamServe Document Type Metadata’s to Content Server Category Attributes.

Andere verbeteringen:

  • Ad Hoc and Composition Center Enhancements
  • Cordys Integration
  • JBOSS EAP 6.2
  • New Filters
  • Template Engine Improvements
  • SDK WebServices Enhancements

Let op: versie 5.5 (of lager) valt onder sustaining maintenance.

Wij informeren u graag over welke voordelen StreamServe 5.6.2 voor uw bedrijf heeft en wij helpen u met de implementatie en support.