The newest StreamServe version 5.6.2 has been released and contains a number of important new features:


Support for Interactive Objects/Forms

  • Support for interactive objects/forms in StoryTeller
    • Objects like edit text controls, checkboxes, dropdowns, radio buttons, list boxes and buttons are available
    • Interactive output in HTML and PDF
    • Rendered statically in all other output
  • Input data transformation possibility in StoryTeller
    • New optional mode for processing input data
    • Template structure and modeling in StoryTeller
    • Template driven transformation (TDT) for linking input and other data sources to template
    • Not only for interactive objects, but also for normalizing any data for easier and more efficient presentation


EasyLink CloudDelivery Enchancements

  • You can improve batch submission to the EasyLink system by grouping the messages.
  • You can monitor from StreamServe the state of your messages sent to Easylink by a new reporting function. Note that the Easylink account must be configured for reporting.
  • StreamServe jobs state will be synchronized with the Easylink job state by the external job completion function


Content Server Category Mapping Enhancements

  • Enable mapping of StreamServe Document Type/Metadata to a Content Server Category/ attribute without requiring a reference to an Enterprise Library Document Model/property type.
  • New Content Server Mapping tool using the Enterprise Library Service, for browsing Content Server folders, and for mapping StreamServe Document Type Metadata’s to Content Server Category Attributes.

Andere verbeteringen:

  • Ad Hoc and Composition Center Enhancements
  • Cordys Integration
  • JBOSS EAP 6.2
  • New Filters
  • Template Engine Improvements
  • SDK WebServices Enhancements

Important: version 5.5 (or below) has entered into the sustaining maintenance.

We would be happy to inform about the benefits StreamServe 5.6.2 for your business and we can ofcourse help you with the implementation and support.