Environmentally friendly font

Ecofont is a specially designed font through which you save ink, toner and paper by punctured letters. The font is available both in software and as true type font.

Save costs and the environment!


Small holes

Ecofont software saves printer ink by making small holes in letters. The holes are not visible on screen or paper. Ecofont Software also offers the possibility of printing without images, thus resulting in paper savings.


No compromise in quality

The clarity and legibility of words in a text are largely determined by contours of letters that form words: the outline. Ecofont ensures legibility by keeping these contours since the brain recognises the word and automatically fills in the gaps in the letters, as opposed to printing in draft mode, where the outline of letters are also punctured, disturbing the reader’s vision.

Draftversie Ecofont-Draft
Ecofont Ecofont

Milieubewust Ecofont

Stimulating environmentally conscious behaviour

Printer ink is expensive and toxic. Research show that the use of printers increases every year; some printed items end up in the bin just hours after they have been printed. Up until now there was no easy way to save ink while maintaining quality, yet Ecofont now offers this solution. Ecofont enables the stimulation of environmentally conscious behaviour within your organisation.

Kosten besparen

Saving costs

Research that uses the measuring and weighing of ink and toner savings has shown that through Ecofont, you can reduce your ink usage by 28%. These are substantial savings since ink is one of the most expensive liquids, costing more per millilitre than Dom Perignon champagne and Chanel No. 5 perfume.

Ecofont Software vs Ecofont font

Ecofont Software
  • Green print button in MS Office

  • Selection of savings settings (eg. No images, a selection, grey scales)

  • Supports the most common fonts: Arial, Calibri, Verdana, Trebuchet MS and Times New Roman.

  • Only available for Windows

  • Available for home use as well as for small and large organisations

  • Saves up to 50% in ink by savings settings

  • Compatible with all printers

  • Easy to install

Ecofont Sans Serif
  • True Type Font, a saving font, similar to Arial
  • Can be used for publishing books, magazines and newspapers

  • Easy to integrate in large applications such as billing and ERP systems (SAP, StreamServe)

  • Available for both Windows and Mac

  • Fixed price for unlimited use

  • Can be used in any programme

  • Compatible with all printers

  • Saves up to 30% in ink by holes in font


Ecofont Whitepaper

Read all information about this eco friendly font once more.