Processing sales invoices with StreamServe

OpenText StreamServe is a solution for Customer Communications Management and takes care of the centralised processing of all your customer communication. StreamServe offers flexibility, is manageable and can communicate through various channels for E-invoicing.

Papier en digitaal

Paper and digital

StreamServe supports digital as well as paper documents for outgoing invoices. If your customer prefers paper documents, then StreamServe is able to send a letter-layout to the printer. If your customer prefers e-mail, then the lay-out is automatically edited and StreamServe sends it to the correct e-mail address. The lay-out are automatically edited, so all manual processes are redundant.


Up to 95% of transactional documents, including invoices, are thoroughly read. It’s safe to say that you are really communicating with your customers. You can easily add a personal marketing message or other personal information to the invoice.


Multi-branding, Multi-lingual, Multi-format

Do you have multiple organisations? With only one click it’s possible to switch between branding, without adjusting the entire document. Are your customers international? StreamServe supports content in multiple languages. It’s also possible to distribute in multiple formats, including e-mail, HTML, XML, SMS and more.

Digitale handtekening

Digital signature

If pleased, it’s possible to add a digital signature to your invoices. The digital signature adds to the feeling of integrity, quality and authenticity of your documents.

StreamServe for E-invoicing and all your output

StreamServe is not only fit for E-invoicing and processing your outgoing invoices, but also for the automatic creation and distribution of all your output documents.