Handling incoming invoices

All types of invoices can be scanned, recognised, processed, validated, matched and archived. We are here to help you determine the steps your business needs to take.

  • From paper to digital

Paper is scanned, digital invoices are processed immediately

Paper invoices will be scanned. Digital invoices will be imported from an email address and processed immediately.

  • Detail recognition

Important detail recognition via OCR

Using OCR, all invoice details such as invoice numbers ,the invoice amount and date are recognised and extracted. If you receive invoices which differ in format and layout, then you can save a template for each particular supplier. The next time you use this template, the details will be recognised automatically. By eliminating manual processing you are preventing mistakes.

  • Processing

Automated invoice processing

As soon as all the invoice details have been extracted, it can be processed. You can establish your organisation’s invoice process. This only needs to be done once for each supplier, ensuring a faster process. You can also attach related documents such as a packing slip to the invoice.

  • Electronic validation

Comprehensive verification possibilities allow you to remain in control

Setting up your validation process is easy. Assign different roles to users and allow them to validate invoices. You can even set a value threshold which someone can validate an invoice from. It is easy to hand over your authorisation rights to a colleague when you are on leave.

  • 3 way match

Automatically match your purchase order, deliveries and incoming invoices

We offer a 3 way match where incoming invoices are automatically matched based on purchase orders, received deliveries, and are saved in your ERP system.

  • Booking

Linking to an ERP system is possible

Once invoices are checked, you can book them into your ERP system, allowing them to be paid.

Our Invoice Processing solution

Invoice Processing

N.Scope Invoice Processing

N.Scope Invoice Processing (IP) is an extremely innovative and flexible, 100% web based application for automatic processing of all types of incoming invoices.

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