Alchemy Document Server

Alchemy is a document management system for small to medium sized businesses and departments. Alchemy Document Management software enables you to manage documents and other unstructured data with by easily applying our user friendly document management solution. This allows you to automate tasks and archive documents effectively.

Document Management

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Efficient information management

With Alchemy you can streamline and automate your transactional document processes. All employees, customers and suppliers have fast access to the most up to date version of information. Access to documents can be secured using a password, and authorisations can be assigned to individual employees. Employees can also assign keywords to documents, through which documents are archived automatically. This also allows the documents to be found within seconds, and ensures the documents stay together. Alchemy contains functionality for management, such as access control, back up, library services and management of all content objects and meta data.


Stay in control

Through Alchemy you can save various information sources in one safe and centralised document location that is accessible to anyone, ensuring you remain in control. You have access to the documents from your desktop, web or mobile devices. Additionally, Alchemy keeps a full audit trail.

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Easily integrated

Alchemy Document Service is easy to use and manage. In addition, the digital archive solution can be integrated with other solutions such as CRM, ERP, Microsoft Office and other systems. 

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With Alchemy you no longer need to use paper archive systems, ad-hoc personal storage and unstructured folders. You can cut costs by means of fewer mistakes, lower storage costs, shorter search time and less manual handling. Furthermore, you can view 200 different file types without needing to purchase additional applications. 


  • Built-in viewer for over 200 file formats
  • Search and find documents based on their content
  • Find documents through settings
  • Version management and audit logging
  • Record Management
  • Compliancy to data integrity policy
  • Easy to use
  • Web client available
  • Fast implementation
  • Email and fax archive
  • Different interfaces for different users
  • Flexible capture options
  • No external database necessary
  • Database, folder or document access can be password encrypted
  • Grant access per employee (group) to read and/or add documents