Smart Document Capture

N.Scope Mailroom, our Smart Document Capture Ephesoft solution, is an intelligent capture solution for more efficient processing of your documents.
Our Smart Document Capture solution automatically extracts all import data from both paper and electronic invoices. The software automates and digitalises the entire mailroom so that the processing of documents can be converted to an accurate, well structured and productive business process.

More efficient processing of your documents


Reduced business costs

Reduce your business costs with Smart Document Capture through faster implementation, global access to information and fewer manual processes, allowing you to make more flexible use of our staff. In addition, fewer manual processes operating within your mailroom means a reduction of business costs, fewer mistakes, less risk of loss of documents or of delays in the process. 

Verhoogde productiviteit

Increased productivity

Faster and more efficient processing of important documents results in increased productivity. 


Complete management of your document workflow

N.Scope Mailroom offers complete management of your document workflow, allowing for faster classification, validation and correct saving of documents.

Faster response time

Our Smart Document Capture solution gives you a faster response time through more efficient and simplified processing of documents. 


Features of our Smart Document Capture solution

  • Fully cloud based
  • Support from a full range of advanced APIs
  • Fully web-based
  • Fixed lower price, no price per click
  • Use of open standards
  • Faster implementation
  • Faster training of the system
  • More efficient handling of exceptions
  • Capture on-the-go via the EphesoftSnapDoc app