Save time and money with our Digital Mailroom solution

Vast numbers of documents enter your organisation through the mailroom. Someone needs to open, register, label, identify, sort, perhaps copy, and deliver letters to the different departments, sometimes at different locations and in different cities or countries. This process is time consuming and prone to errors. Automate and digitalise your entire mailroom. A digital Mailroom provides a more efficient and well structured process!

  • Recognise and classify various document types

Capture, recognition and automatic classification

Our capture software can quickly recognise the document type and classify all incoming documents. Invoices, orders, payments and other types of emails are automatically separated without the need for patch code tables or separation sheets. The documents are classified automatically. All this happens within seconds, and without requiring you to do anything.


  • Data capture

Extraction of the correct data

After identification of the document type, the software will extract all important information through OCR. Data can be extracted from anywhere on the page; from various places every time and is eventually validated through the use of organisational guidelines, database lookups or cross field checks.


  • Link with existing system

Automatic comparison of information with databases

Once all necessary information is detected, this can be compared with existing information in a database. Naturally. In addition, the existing information can be added to.

Our Digital Mailroom solution

Digital Mailroom Ephesoft

N.Scope Mailroom

N.Scope Mailroom is the preferred solution for digitalisation of your mailroom. Documents are automatically classified and data is being extracted from the document through OCR.

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