OpenText StreamServe (CCM)

OpenText StreamServe is a solution for Customer Communications Management and takes care of the centralised processing of all your customer communication. This solution offers flexibility, is manageable and can communicate through various channels.

More efficient business processes and substantial savings



StreamServe allows you to simply adapt documents to the branding of a label, brand or business section, without changing the content.



When there are numerous customer profiles, the content, images and commercial message can easily be edited within the document in order to reflect each profile.



In addition to personalised documents, StreamServe effortlessly works to send the document to the recipient by means of their preferred channel. On creating the document, a specific layout is created for each channel, including letters, emails, XML, pdf files and text messages.


Saving costs

When distributing the document, not only can you determine the format and the channel to be used, but there are additional cost-saving options. StreamServe can choose the required print method (single or double-sided) and send the document in such a way that processing returned documents is both quick and efficient. In addition, it can digitalise them in order that they can be saved within the document management or CRM system.



With StreamServe, business users can manage templates and/or content themselves. The software is both user friendly and flexible. Dependency on IT is considerably lower, allowing your organisation to adapt more quickly and more efficiently to market changes. There is no need for the organisation to wait for new IT releases in order to make changes.


Customer satisfaction 100%
Customer retention 97%
Better manageability 90%
Faster time-to-market 90%


Infrastructure and data mapping application for technical managers.Design Center OpenText StreamServe

Template application for document developers.Storyteller OpenText StreamServe

Web application for document managers to manage sections of text document definitions.Composition Center OpenText StreamServe

Web applications for end users to edit and validate documents.Ad Hoc OpenText StreamServe


  • Advanced document and message generator
  • Super strong in data formats
  • Post-processing to support your process
  • Comprehensive composition and personalisation in every detail
  • Recipient decision making
  • Interactive document layout and content creation and management
  • Add attachments automatically – certificates, letters, quotations
  • End-to-end document distribution tracking
  • Mimimising errors


E-invoicing with StreamServe

Easily create outgoing invoices with StreamServe, in line with your own branding, to be sent via your client’s preferred channel. Automatically add a personal marketing message, tailored to your client’s interests. Streamline your invoicing process with StreamServe and save time and money.

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