Our solutions for automated business processes:

    Customer Experience

Customer Experience Management

Your clients constantly expect more; they seek flexibility, speed and freedom of choice. You are expected to adapt to each individual customer’s situation with all the information available to you.

Research shows that at least 25% of clients turn to other companies after only one negative experience. Easily create documents in line with your own branding, with our communication solution and automatically send them via your client’s preferred channel.

Communicate in a clear and personal manner, increase customer satisfaction and reduce your costs!

Invoice administration

The digitalisation of your invoice administration can save you a lot of time and money. We offer advanced solutions for processing of both received and outgoing invoices.

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Digital Mailroom

Large numbers of documents enter an organisation through the mailroom, where someone needs to open, register, label, identify, sort, perhaps copy, and deliver letters to the various departments, sometimes at different locations and in different cities or countries. This process is both time consuming and prone to errors. Why not automate and digitalise your entire mailroom and operate a more efficient and structured process?

Digital Archiving

We specialise in optimising the management of unstructured information within your organisation. Unstructured information is all information that is not directly approachable as a field in your databese. Amongst the many services we offer, we deliver solutions for a digital archive, digitalisation of your incoming post and smart capture software.

Digital archiving
Application development

Application Development

Building business applications can be faster, simpler and better, with our cloud based solution. We assess your needs and within only a few weeks will design a usable, flexible and user friendly application that is both suitable for mobile and desktop.


Safety and sustainability

Is the Paperless Office a dream or could it be a reality? There are countless reasons to go digital, but we understand that it is a big step for your organisation. We offer tailor made advice and present you with all the software solutions you need in order to realise a paperless office, while guiding you through the process.