In their press release OpenText lists the five technology trends that are going to change the way we work and live in 2015. OpenText's tech trends for 2015-klein

1. The Chief Data Officer and Chief Digital Officer will become mainstream

In order for organisations to make the digital transit, two C-level roles are added to the management: Chief Data Officer and Chief Digital Officer. Their focus will be on the strategical importance of information in a digital economy.

2. Digitization begins the next massive displacement and migration of labour

Robotics, smart machines and artifical intelligence will become a structural part of organisations and processes will be automated. As a result of this developments more than 20 million jobs wil change or disappear.

3. CIO’s adapt start-up strategies

In 2015 flexible and small start-ups will catch up the multinationals with the introdcution of new products on the market. The start-up philosophy results in a faster productdevelopment cycle. To keep up with this pace of innovation, CIO’s and the management need to think as entrepreneurs and start-ups. This start-up ethos facilitates them to build adaptive organisations and to proactively create new chances.

 4. The world realizes the “Internet of things” is just the Internet

The Internet of Things is ‘just’ a next evolution of the internet. We wear stepcounters, smart watches and camera’s; our pets are chipped and we drive cars with built-in sensors.

5. Cloud becomes the new normal

In 2015 the cloud will become the standard. By digitizing information intensive processes, the costs can by cut by 90 percent and the run time is improved. By the end of 2015 hybrid implementation models are common. Some information and applications are in the cloud whilst other information and applications are on premise. The security of data is the number one priority. These hybrid models offer organisations a balance between efficiency, flexibility and security.