Effective communication with OpenText EasyLink Notification Service

OpenText EasyLink Notification Service is a cloud messaging solution that enables customers, partners, and other constituents to receive notifications or alerts in any format they want, letting you manage a unified communications strategy on a single automated, cloud-based platform.

It enables you to deliver personalized notifcations, managed from a single, easy-to-use web portal. You can easily integrate OpenText EasyLink Notifcation Service into your existing applications and workflows.


Notification Services

What OpenText EasyLink Notification Service can mean to your organization

Replacing traditional manual notifications by automated messages with the cloud messaging solution Open Text Notification, saves you an average of € 8 (inbound) and € 5 (outbound) per call, according to Forrester Research. A voice or text message instead of a paper warning is much more effective!

  • Improved customer satisfaction and customer loyalty
  • Building brand loyalty and protecting the brand
  • Manage all notifications mediums in all geographies and languages from a single, easy-to-use web portal or API
  • Greater efficiency of high volume notifications
  • More effective accounts receivables collections
  • Reduced manual calling costs
  • Optimization of call center resources
  • Improved internal business continuity communications
Key Features
  • Secure web-based portal to manage all notifications mediums – email, SMS, and voice
  • Documented SDK for integration into existing applications and workflow
  • Call script branching to automate sophisticated multi-level questionnaires
  • Text-to Speech (TTS) capability in over 40 languages for voice notifications
  • Voice capability that gives the recipient an option to speak to a live agent and take further action
  • Dynamic inserts for message personalization
  • Call pacing features
  • Cloud-based architecture