ROI and Business Case check

Nokavision will give a demo regarding the integration of Mendix, Box and StreamServe at Mendix World. We understand that it is not always easy to see the benefits of Mendix for your organization. What can Mendix mean for your organization? What are the costs? What are the possibilities and limits? How does your organization get the maximum out of the solutions we provide?

We offer a free ROI and Business Case check of 20 minutes available for all Mendix World visitors. To participate in a ROI and Business Case check you can visit the Nokavision booth at Mendix World, or make an appointment by filling in the contact form below to get the check at a later time. We are happy to elaborate the ROI and Business Case at your organization.




Mendix allows you to rapidly and simply create complex business applications, and add them to your current systems.



Integrating Mendix with OpenText StreamServe allows you to make clean, personalized documents in your own corporate identity, which go beyond the functions of standard word processing applications.



Box connects with SteamServe and Mendix as a secure and innovative cloud-based file sync-and-share platform including version control and collaboration.

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