Successful implementations in the Benelux

Nokavision has carried out over 150 successful implementations in the Benelux. As a driven knowledge organisation with over 18 years of experience and with a passion for document focused software, we make sure your business stays ahead.

Some of our customer references:

“Nokavision does not care about good stories, but about practical solutions. Choosing the Nokavision framework was a good choice. We are experiencing benefits daily.”
Marel Holding BV, View the customer case
“Nokavision operates a no-nonsense culture. They employ the right knowledge and do not shy away from a challenge.”
Houtgroep van Drimmelen
“The number one one-stop solution in document management and e-Invoicing.”
Switch IT Solutions
“We wish to be successful long term through using high quality products and a sustainable way of driving business. From our collaboration with Nokavision we can honestly say that this applies to them.”
Koninklijke De Kuyper



Solution for every sector

Our communication solutions offer businesses from a variety of sectors the possibility to communicate personalised messages how they require, when they require and in the format they require, via the required channel.

Offer your clients reasons to stay with your organisation by delivering services that match their needs. Our solution enables you to communicate with clients and prospects, how and when they wish.

Additionally you can streamline your business processes, working more efficiently and effectively and reducing operational costs.

Improved Customer Engagement

We help insurance companies in building improved Customer Engagement; our communication solution enables them to offer their clients a personal, distinct service that sets them apart from the competition, while they can adapt quickly to new regulations and competitive requirements.

Insurance companies operate in a fast changing environment with many competitors, making it essential to stay ahead in terms of customer communication by using new digital channels, transparent messages and hyper personalised message exchanges.

Some of our clients are:


Enra Verzekeringen


Finance plaatje

Improve your competitive advantage

We create new possibilities for banks to enrich their customer relationships. Our solutions enable you to streamline processing, simplifying customer communication via all channels. Build trust with our communication solution and improve customer loyalty.

Additionally, improve your competitive advantage and your regulation compliance, reduce your costs and ensure a faster time-to-market.

Some of our clients are:



GE Artesia


Retail plaatje

Improve productivity

In retail, large document streams are the norm. All products that are leaving the organisation need to be registered. Our solutions can digitalise many of these processes, increasing productivity.

The solutions can be seamlessly integrated with an ERP system, resulting in reduced costs and improved customer contact.

Some of our clients are:





Leen Bakker

Poiesz Supermarkten B.V.

Wholesale plaatje

Improve business processes

We help wholesale businesses streamline their business processes and logistics. Solutions that digitalise the mailroom free up your employees’ time which they can spend on other tasks. This in turn aids the organisation’s sustainability and efficiency.

Some of our clients are:

Deli XL



Dokter plaatje

Increased efficiency in health care

Health care is dynamic, constantly developing and increasingly relies technology. Changes take place throughout the market and continuously change the way services are available, and how they are delivered and managed. Digitalisation is a trend and paper documents are used less and less.

To ensure that all information is available to the right people at the right time, documents need to be managed. We offer multiple solutions that not only improve business processes but also outgoing documents.

Some of our clients are:


Medica Europe


Logistiek Nokavision

Improve logistic processes

The logistic sector is experiencing turbulent times, resulting in many organisations seeking money saving solutions. We help logistic organisations digitalise their finances and personalise customer communications. This results in improved efficiency and substantial savings.

Some of our clients are:




Vos Logistics

Nutsbedrijven Nokavision

Improved customer satisfaction

We make sure that clients of utility companies receive personal and correct communication. Our communication solutions enable utility companies to offer their clients a personal service experience that differentiates them from their competitors, while being able to fast adapt to new regulations and competitive requirements.

Some of our clients are:

Brabant Water