Integrate Box Platform in Mendix digital applications

In today’s pursuit of Digital Innovation and rapid application development many organizations turn to modern cloud development platforms such as Mendix.

From idea to applications in no-time, Mendix accelerates agile application development with full social collaboration. Developers have a rich platform to design and develop at the same time and create beautiful apps.

Mendix is the fastest way to transform your ideas into applications. With the Box module for Mendix, Nokavision adds the modern Box content management-platform to that.

This combination transforms the way organizations work. With a strong background in enterprise document automation, Nokavision has embraced the vision of both the Mendix and Box cloud platforms for rapidly deploying advanced business applications.




Mendix and Box define collaboration 

  • Support for many file formats such as Office, CAD or DICOM
  • Content search
  • Metadata
  • Granular permission models
  • Enterprise-grade security

  • Preview capabilities for many file types
  • Versioning
  • Mobile document and photo capture
  • Audit and authorizations 
  • Retention policies

Turning Mendix and Box into a winning combination


Nokavision has developed the Box Module for Mendix as an extensive and robust solution. It encapsulates the entire Box API functionality in Mendix. The module can be used by both Box Platform and Box Enterprise users and will be maintained and enhanced for future versions.

With Mendix, your Box environment can be enriched with advanced workflow and integration capabilities. E.g. share photos or scanned documents from the Box Capture app on your mobile devices and put them in workflow applications and self-service portals that are connected to your core systems.

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What does the Box module for Mendix do

The Box Content API gives access to secure content management and content experience features for use in your own app. Box Module for Mendix makes this available in Mendix by the use of Mendix Java Actions.

This is not where it ends. Instead of only making these features available the Box Module for Mendix leverages the Mendix Java actions by combining them into functionalities through a single Mendix Java Action. 

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A demo example of what we showed at Mendix World:


Step 1: In this small demo a photo is being taken with the mobile app Box Capture



Step 2: Complete the form with your personal details



Step 3: Get your personal magazine



Get to know the possibilities for your company!

The Box Module is available through an annual subscription from €1500,- euro annually. Fill in our form and get a free trial!



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